And the next day…

The new Bowie CD (deluxe edition + Japanese-only bonus track) found its way into my happy hands earlier today, and it is truly a very good one.  I’d say it’s the best thing he’s released since Outside, and it’s certainly much better than Reality — his last studio album prior to this one, released in 2003.  The bonus tracks are all very good as well, and — surprise — one of them (“Plan”) is actually an instrumental — the first since 1999!  The closer on the album-proper, entitled “Heat,” sounds a lot like something by Scott Walker (“The Electrician”?), and is perhaps my favorite David Bowie track since “The Motel.”  At any rate, I’m very hopeful that Bowie will record/release at least one more album before he declares himself finished with music forever.  There’s great momentum on this, and I can imagine that whatever he puts out next could very well best it.  I’ll also mention that his voice sounds fantastic here; he experiments with some vocal styles that I haven’t heard in a while — bits of this remind me of Lodger or Scary Monsters, which is definitely a good thing.

I’m currently listening to the new David Sylvian / Stephan Mathieu collaboration, Wandermude.  This, too, is brilliant, albeit in a very different way from The Next Day.  It’s a reworked, all-instrumental (if this word can be used to convey “all-electronic sans vocals”) version of Sylvian’s 2003 masterpiece Blemish. Very ambient and glitchy — really love the sound/style of it.  Also, earlier this month, I acquired two other new releases that I’m still quite excited about: My Bloody Valentine’s M B V (their first in 22 years!) and How to Destroy Angels’ Welcome Oblivion (their first full-length release).  Been a great month for music so far.  Hopefully these new sounds will inspire me to “compose” something new of my own — via words — in the coming weeks…



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