New fiction tonight

1,500 words.  Yes, I’m writing again.  And it’s not even 2013 yet…

More soon.




Self-publishing no longer just a vanity project (@ NPR)

I’ve been considering self-pubbing some of my weirder novellas for the Kindle/iPad for some time now.  Perhaps this is something I’ll actually do in 2013.  Could be worthwhile (I don’t expect to sell a lot, but a few more readers than I have now is still a few more readers than I have now, after all…).


Updating this blog

Well…it has been a while, hasn’t it?

Things have been busy, and I’ve had mixed feelings about “going public.”  But, I’ve recently decided, in 2013 I will start sharing previously-published work here, things that have either gone offline, due to the death of the journals in which they were originally published, or things that have only ever appeared in (decidedly limited) print journals.  Why not?  Can’t think of another/better venue for such things at this point, and perhaps it’ll bring this blog back to life…

I’ve recently written a couple of new things, albeit short things, which in itself is a pretty good sign, I think.  Though it’s true that I drafted a sort of novelette @ 10K words last summer, I’ve since written little that would be worth mentioning here or anywhere else.  One of my “new year’s resolutions” will be to write more (fiction) and possibly, as a consequence, to publish more of said writing if there are still venues out there somewhere that would be interested in my work.  This past year some of the great onliners have gone under — >kill author, for instance, and (I’ve heard) now elimae.  So sad.

Through a good friend, I recently discovered the writing of J. Robert Lennon (I read his novel Familiar).  Very cool stuff — I look forward to reading more of his work in the new year.  Right now I’m working on a Swedish crime novel and something by the great Walter Mosley (this has been the “year of Mosley” for me, reading-wise, though I’ve actually read little of the work he’s most well-known for: the mystery novels — my favorite of his “literary” works thus far has been The Man in My Basement).  I also recently watched the entire “Batman” trilogy, directed by Christopher Nolan, which was unusual for me.  I rarely watch films these days, at least not “for pleasure,” but the trilogy was quite addictive, despite its (of course) Hollywood-style ending.

More soon (I hope).